That is how the results of the elections in the Moscow districts looked like before the electronic votes were counted.
And that’s how — after.
Mikhail Lobanov, the candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation who participated in “Smart voting” won at polling stations in the Kuntsevsky District of Moscow based on the results of in-person voting. After the announcement of the results of the electronic voting, his rival, the TV presenter of “Russia 1” channel and the husband of Olga Skabeeva Yevgeny Popov took the lead with a margin of eight thousand votes.
In the Medvedkovsky district, before the electronic votes were counted, Denis Parfenov from the Communist Party was in the lead, and after the addition of the electronic results was bypassed by the pro-government candidate, actor and “Orthodox Russian”, as he calls himself, Dmitry Pevtsov.
In the Leningrad District, Anastasia Bryukhanova who works for the City Projects of Ilya Varlamov and Maxim Katz Foundation was in the lead. But after the electronic votes were counted, Galina Khovanskaya from Spravedlivaya Rossia took the first place.
In Babushkinsky district, the current State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Valery Rashkin, received half the online votes than United Russia member Timofey Bazhenov, and dropped to second place.
In the Nagatinsky district, Svetlana Razvorotneva from United Russia won at the last moment, getting ahead of Anastasia Udaltsova, the candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the wife of the coordinator of the Left Front Sergei Udaltsov.
The same thing happened in the Preobrazhensky, Tushinsky and Central districts of Moscow.
At the same time, online voting in other regions — Nizhny Novgorod, Murmansk, Yaroslavl, Kursk, Rostov regions and Sevastopol — did not influence the election results anywhere.
In the Yaroslavl region, for example, the candidates from the "Smart Voting" list won. In the Yaroslavl district the victory was won by the ex-governor of the Yaroslavl region Anatoly Lisitsyn.
And in the Rostov district — the State Duma deputy of all eight convocations Anatoly Greshnevikov.
In other regions, the United Russia team won - both in person and online.